UM Newsletter 2.10.17

UM Newsletter 2.10.17

By: The UM Team

UM Presentations in Cedar City and St. George, Utah

The author of the Universal Model, Dean W. Sessions, has been invited to present at two upcoming Firm Foundation events. The Firm Foundation will be hosting many speakers presenting on a range of topics. We are pleased to use this opportunity to spread the message of the UM!

Saturday Feb. 18, 2017 - 9:00 am - 9:00 pm 1835 Convention Center Dr. St. George, UT 84790
Saturday Feb. 18, 2017 - 9:00 am - 9:00 pm 1835 Convention Center Dr. St. George, UT 84790

UM on the Kate Dalley Radio Show

The author of the UM, Dean. W. Sessions, was recently interviewed about the Universal Model by the nationally syndicated Kate Dalley Radio Show. The two-hour program gave an overview of the UM with a second hour for questions from listeners. The host reported a high listening volume and the show received outstanding reviews. Kate will be rebroadcasting much of the show on her upcoming Saturday (Feb. 11) Blaze Radio show. To listen to the recent show, click here.

UM Summary book

An 89-page summary of the three Universal Model volumes has been completed! This will be the first time a summary of the research covering Volumes II and III, the Living and Universe Systems, will be available. The book is in its last stages of preparation and access to the FREE digital version will be available on our website very soon!

You will also be able to pre-order the low-cost softbound print version of the “SUMmary” shortly at to give to your family and friends. The printed version of the SUMmary should be available in April along with Volume I. We are excited to provide a way for the public to quickly become familiar with the new scientific discoveries of the UM at little or no cost!

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter which will provide links to the free digital version as well as the print version of the SUMmary, as seen above, on the pre-order page.

UM Review Program

Do you know a student or a professional scientist that might be interested in the UM? We are excited to share the UM with more of the scientific community. We have created a UM Review Program designed to allow both professionals and enthusiasts to access Volume I, The Earth System for 90 days FREE. In return, we ask that the participant submits reviews before and after reading.

After completing the program, students will have the option of purchasing the digital book for $9.95 (80% discount off retail) and non-students will be offered the digital book at $19.75 (60% discount off retail).
Click here to learn more about the UM Review Program!

Printed Volume I Pre-order Sale

Click here to pre-order the hardcover copy of Volume I: The Earth System! The normal retail cost is $69 but pre-ordered copies are now available for a limited time for only $49! Shipments of the book will begin in April.

7-Day FREE Read Code

Use the code UMFEB2017 to let your friends check out a digital copy of Volume I of the Universal Model for 7-days FREE! It is a 7-day read pass usable until the end of February.

Forward this email to a friend and have them click below to use UMFEB2017 at the UM Store! Redeem the code under the “Volume I Digital” tab of our store and click “Buy Now” for One Digital Copy of Volume I. Applying the Free Read code will reduce the cost to $0.00 and allow 7 days of access to Volume I.


How are we doing? We would love your feedback! Share with our team some or your thoughts regarding Volume I, our presentations, the website, and other aspects of the UM with which you have interacted. Click here to send us questions, comments, and suggestions!

Thanks for your support!
The UM Team

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