UM Newsletter June 1st

UM Newsletter June 1st

By: The UM Team

New UM Video

Sandstone Formation with Dean W. Sessions

Author of the Universal Model, Dean W. Sessions, demonstrates the origin of sandstone, clay stone and other minerals. These new discoveries are evidences of a global flood that happened just over 4,000 years ago. Click here to watch the video!

Upcoming Events

Logan, UT

Universal Model presenter, Carlton Hall, will be presenting at the LDSHE Expo in Logan, Utah May 31st – June 2nd. He will be discussing topics taken from Volume I of the Universal Model. His first presentation is on June 1st at 1:30 on the topic of “Why We Need A new Millennial Science.” His second presentation is on June 2nd at 12:30 about “A New Learning Process.” For more information, click here.

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