UM Newsletter 1.26.17

UM Newsletter 1.26.17

By: The UM Team

Hardcover Publication

Volume I of the Universal Model can now be pre-ordered at a significant discount! Use this limited-time-only sale for pre-orders to get the book for $49 (regular price $69). Customers who have purchased the digital volume may also use the coupon code sent in a previous email to get an additional discount on the book. Pre-order your copy of the Universal Model here.

UM Summary Book

A 96-page UM Summary Book covering the three volumes has been completed and will be available on our website shortly! It will be accessible for FREE online and available as print copies for a low price in the near future. We are excited to offer a discount on the pre-orders soon. This is a great way to share the UM with your friends!

Past: November and December Presentations

Following the 15 October 2016 Launch of the UM, the first public UM science presentations were held in Mesa, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Sandy, Utah, and Orem, Utah November-December 2016. Two of the presentations were streamed live on Facebook and we were pleased with the on-line and in-person participation. An Introduction to Volume I of the UM was given by several presenters and we welcomed the enthusiastic reception after each event. We thank all those who helped and participated in the events.
Recommended Event

Tucson AZ: Rock, Mineral And Fossil Show 1/25/17 – 2/15/17

We invite you to attend and bring your family and friends to attend the world’s largest gem and mineral show! Come find out why 45,000+ people from 20+ countries gather for this event each year! There will be over 30 independent shows, 3,000 exhibitors, and 25 museums and universities–including the Smithsonian Institution, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Sorbonne in Paris–displaying their most precious specimens.

This rock show has been important in the research and development of the Universal Model. Rocks, minerals, and fossils from around the world are showcased in dozens of locations around the city. The show is open to the public and is a great place to start growing your own collection of specimens related to the UM.

Click these links for More Information and Even More Information! Also, check out their Detailed Event Calendar. Or, view the event on our website.

New UM Reviews

We have added some new reviews to our website! Click here to read the latest feedback from our readers.

Other Noteworthy Announcements

The cover of the UM Volume 1 has been updated! The back outside cover has been updated with a new list of reviews and the inside of the covers will now feature a list of UM Fundamental Questions and “Where to Find the Answers”. You can see that cover here.

The book now has an expanded Bibliography on page 814 and an impressive new Index on page 824.

Thank you for your support!
The Universal Model Team

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