UM Tour of Tucson Rock Show with Dean Sessions

Rock Show Tours With Dean Sessions

UM Tour of Tucson Rock Show with Dean Sessions

Rock show tours will be given on February 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th of 2018. Two three hour tours are available each day from 8-11am and 1-4pm. Ticket prices are for adults 18 years and older and children 17 years and younger are free. Attendees will be contact via email and phone regarding meeting location and additional details. We offer discounts and reserved dates for large groups. Please contact us for groups of 12 or more people by clicking here.

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  • Colleen Huston
    Posted at 11:37h, 07 February

    If you have the time and the chance to go on a UM Tour with Dean Sessions at the Tuscan, Arizona Rock Show…. Do yourself and your family a great service by being able to be educated in a completely fascinating way for part of or even most of that day. There is a morning 3 hour tour and an afternoon one. You have the option to do one or both. We opted of course for the whole 6 hours! We went that first weekend that the Rock show opened. Along with some friends who flew all the way out from West Virginia and their daughters, who were both mothers themselves, It was truly one of the best days ever if you are a UMer! Not only did we get to hang out with Dean Sessions and ask questions and get answers about the things we are studying in the UM, but Dean was able to take us to some of his top picks at the Rock Show, where we were able to purchase some more beautiful specimens to go with our new UM Rock Kit collection.. which is a must have, if you are studying the UM. It is a fantastic kit that is very reasonably priced with amazing little specimens in it. These particular specimens, all are hand picked and placed in the kit, for the purpose of showing observable hand held evidence of the Geological history and story of how they were really formed. This kit can be purchased at the UM booth at the Tuscan Rock Show or through ( I know it sounds like a commercial ) but it’s a really cool kit! Dean took us to great locations where the specimens were beautiful and reasonably priced. Especially compared to other vendors there who would be charging a much higher rate. The other people who joined us on our tour, were some of the coolest people you would ever want to hang out with. Just really great people! We had the most fantastic day! It was a true highlight of the weekend, and while spending time with Dean that day, it was really great to hear others on the tour ask their questions and hear the answers. Questions you had not thought of but wish you had, as well as questions you have thought of but forgot to ask and were glad to know that someone else had that same question too: My son and husband along with myself; learned a lot at the UM booth where Dean, Danette and the UM staff had set out the most amazing display of rock specimens and educational materials. They showed us enhydro rocks full of water and the origen of and manifestation of piezoelectric energy sources within the quarts. Simply really cool science that was so easy to see and observe and share with others! Some of the answers that children and adults alike have, to questions they have always wondered about were so easily explained and shown. I remember going to the Arizona Impact Crater as a kid with my family,. I remember looking out over the Grand Canyon on another trip. And I remember what I was taught in school about those two very important pieces of our planets geological history. The UM brings to light a new truth about both of these places that will forever change everything that science has been teaching us and relying on when it comes to time and history of our beloved planet. This tour was enlightening; enriching; uplifting and will forever be a family memory that we will never forget! Because what is happening with the UM is life empacting and life changing as you discover and understand the simple truths that explain nature and natures laws, along with the history of Mother Earth! Everything now has a new fresh perspective and you know that, now that you have started on this adventure, there is so much more that you are now going to learn and it is so exciting!,!

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