Universal Model KTALK Show – August 10th

ktalk radio interview with dean w sessions universal model

Universal Model KTALK Show – August 10th

Universal Model author Dean W. Sessions was interviewed on KTALK radio’s Liberty Lineup show on Tuesday August 10th. These KTALK radio interviews are scheduled to take place on the second Thursday of every month until otherwise noted. Click here to view the UM event page for details regarding the next upcoming interview.

Universal Model Author Interviewed on KTALK

Dean W. Sessions, author of the UM, was interviewed on the KTALK Liberty Lineup show. Several questions regarding the Hydroplanet Earth discovery are discussed. Sessions talks about how the Universal Model evidences which demonstrate how the Earth is made of water not magma. He also discusses the discovery of a Universal Flood and how the Hydroplanet Earth is further evidences of this event.

Listen to the show by using the media player below. Skip to 3:00 minutes into the show to get to the start.

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