Purpose: The UM’s and Mine

Purpose: The UM’s and Mine

By: Carter J. Brown

When I was a young 12 year old boy in a brand new house in Arizona, my dad often spent time with me in the back yard.  For context, my dad has a gift for giving motivational speeches.  My earliest memory of him is of him lecturing me on the virtues on hard work.  My latest memory of him is of him lecturing my sister on the virtues of hard work.   I’m glad I learned my lesson early… Anyway, my siblings, cousins, and friends all quickly learn that when Chris Brown gets shouting and on a roll it’s time to keep quiet and listen.

One evening, we were hanging out by the pool during a fall sunset.  He read me something negative he saw in the news which I do not remember, but what he said to me next I will never forget.  He said, “Son, my generation has failed you, and I am sorry for that.  It is up to you to stand up with your peers to serve and save the world; that is your responsibility.” His words sunk so deep in my heart that I treat them as scripture to this day.  

I asked my dad what he meant but he had nothing to say except that “it is up to [me] to figure out.”   It is now 10 years later and I am starting to see what my purpose is.  One part of that is to help the Universal Model accomplish its purpose.  If you haven’t read the first chapter of the book yet, the purpose of the UM is stated: To restore Truth and order in science by identifying new natural law.

You will probably hear sometime in your journey with the UM that this organization is biased toward “creationist” ideas.  If or when you come across this claim, I would like to remind you that every creature and every person has a purpose to the things that they do and with such a purpose comes a bias. Yes, The Millennial scientist has a bias. But also Modern scientists have a bias.  

Those that work for the Universal Model admit their bias. That bias is strictly to discover scientific truth whatever that may be, and nothing else.  

Modern scientists are a diverse group with many different agendas.  In Volume II, specifically chapter 12, the UM will demonstrate a very specific bias that many scientists have been reluctant to admit.  Personally, I do not condemn anyone for any agenda they may have.  But I do think that all people have the right to know the purpose of whatever group they may subscribe to.  Be aware of who you hitch your wagon to.

I have been closely associated with many of those tied to the Universal Model – A New Millennial Science – for over a year now. I have spent countless hours with them, and I have seen the best and the worst of them.  

If I may take liberty in stating the purpose I have seen in the actions of UMers: To help other people learn the same truth that they feel so grateful to have.

If anyone has cared to read this post, I am curious to hear what you feel your purpose is.  As you learn more of the new truths identified in the UM your purpose will adapt as your outlook of the world changes.  I am so excited for this new phase of the world.  I genuinely believe that we are about to enter into a new phase of society because of causes like the Universal Model, and many more!  I am excited for America. I’m excited for the world.  I am excited for my life, and I am excited for you to become a part of this new scientific movement.

About the Author
This is ‘The Real Deal’

Carter Brown is a student of Brigham Young University.  Although he is a still choosing a major, he loves science and the truths taught in the Universal Model.  He teaches classes for the UM and has gathered research for every chapter of the book, specifically for the Universe System.  Carter was born in 1993, is the oldest of 3 children, and has lived in California, Arizona, across the pond out to England, and back to Utah.  Carter is a simple man; he loves learning, running, and talking with people!

  • Allan Wade
    Posted at 06:59h, 18 October

    Well said Carter. I was fortunate to learn about the UM six years ago. I felt drawn into it and enjoyed its simple truths. I wanted my future and purpose to be involved with the UM.
    Like you I have spent time with the founders and others involved in the UM. They are some of the finest people I know. They live simple lives, sacrificing to bring the UM to the world.. I agree with your observation of their purpose and love the way you stated it. “To help other people learn the same truth that they feel so grateful to have.”

  • Wade Kohlhase
    Posted at 22:55h, 18 October

    Sharing good news is always enjoyable. Like you, I am enthusiastic about sharing the UM with others. Wade Kohlhase

  • Sylvia Salisbury
    Posted at 14:55h, 19 November

    I have long been interested in learning of current scientific thought that has agreed with what we know of God’s “.”science” as He has revealed it to us. I just recently learned about UM and am eager to learn more.

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