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Living System Port, Mound Builders

North American Cultures

The Mound Builder people of North America continue to intrigue scientists and local collectors as they have for centuries. Often ignored and to their detriment, the archaeological community has yet to fully appreciate the significance of their culture. Contrary to the belief of many researchers, the Mound Builders are not the cultural ancestors of the historic American Indians. No evidence exists that suggests that the Indians of Colonial America understood the engineering, astronomical, or technological skills of the Mound Builder people. Science and historical writers continue to underplay the size of the ancient population despite the vastness of the artifacts and number of people that must have existed to produce them. Yet there is evidence of an even older culture that lived in the same area of North America, a civilization that remains largely unnoticed since its discovery. We document new origins for the people found in the Old World (the Middle East), the New World (North America), and the First World in the Living System drawn from a variety of scientific disciplines.