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    A Revolutionary Universe

Stephen Hawking states in his book, The Grand Design, “…the universe can and will create itself from nothing…” How did cosmology get to the idea of everything coming from nothing? The Big Bang theory, invented to try to explain our Universe, amounts to nothing more than just a “Big” theory. With no observable evidence or testable experiments to confirm it, we need to move past this failed idea.  With all of the false modern science theories revealed in the UM, we see entire science fields drifting back to philosophy. How can we ever expect to answer how something formed if we don’t even know what it is? If we do not have the correct knowledge of what the Universe is, then we can never comprehend the wisdom of how the Universe formed. Science today has adopted a Universe envisioned by Einstein, but Einstein’s Universe does not fit actual astronomical and laboratory observations. Now, in the Universe Model Chapter, we discover a remarkable revolutionary order to the Universe.