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Time is Constant, Universe System Port

Time Disfiguration

Historically, humanity utilized astronomical observations to determine precise time measurements throughout the year. However, the day-to-day events required the use of sundials for daytime timekeeping and water clocks for the evenings. Eventually, we honored time by building beautiful clock towers. Time was part of Mother Nature’s fabric, with Nature’s Clock manifest every day in the movements of the Earth, planets, and stars. For 98% of our history, time represented a constant in Nature, but today, ‘magical’ man-made theories have disfigured time, something that only happened during the past century. Like the crumbling of an ancient, magnificent old clock tower that once honored time, modern physics dismantled time until they determined that time itself does not exist. Discover the mechanism that keeps both the Earth and Atomic Time constant in the Time Model, Chapter 22.