Changing the History of All the Sciences

Changing the History of All the Sciences

I look forward to these three volumes of the Universal Model changing the history of all the Sciences. I just finished Volume I, The Earth System and it is well organized with pictures and quotes from research. I like how it starts by telling about a pseudotheory and then describes the evidences they have found against that pseudotheory.

It took a lot of hours to get thru Volume I. I am homeschooling the last 2 of my 13 children and I could not leave the book alone. I kept leaving it and going in to teach what I had just learned to my children. They were surprised by all the things that needed to be corrected in something as important and basic as science.

When I was in 3rd grade, many years ago, my teacher told me that space was a vacuum. It literally turned my stomach. I did not believe it and had a hard time to believe her anymore after that. Now, that will not happen to my last 2 children and we are working to teach our older 11 children the truth as well.

As I read thru this book, I was struck by all the good things than can come from being taught truth in science instead of theories that are not proven. A hydroplanet really gets you to thinking about all the things that can be learned. It is a whole new paradigm that I really am looking forward to. Now we look at everything outside with new eyes when we drive or walk somewhere.

I plan to use copies of the UM Summary to pass out to people that I think will be interested in truth so this knowledge can get around. Many thanks to those who have worked so hard on this project, it sure was needed. I had lost interest in science until this book came along.

Alyn Olson, USA

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