Get Real Science

Get Real Science

The first thing that one learns in university when commencing the study of science is the indoctrination that a scientist never lie. Toss that doctrine because it is not observed in science. The Universal Method asks only one thing. Think. If a scientific tradition is just so, but cannot be demonstrated, it is likely not the right theory.

As an example, scientists have a prejudice against the Great Flood. This has led to every sort of mental gymnastics to produce theories that are just wrong. In virtually every culture are stories of the Great Flood. If universal cultural accounts existed for any other condition on earth, it would be hailed as a “truth”. But not the Great Flood. What does that say about science and telling the truth? The Great Flood did more than cover the earth with water and that is what the Universal Model teaches. The Universal Model teaches that if you don’t agree with a scientific principle, follow the scientific method and test the principle. Think.

Attached is a photo of me with a bacterium colony that aerobically degrades chlorinated solvents, something that science said does not happen. Well it does happen and the bacteria work very well, thank you. Think.

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