How Do I Recognize The Difference Between Truth and Error?

How Do I Recognize The Difference Between Truth and Error?

I am excited by truth in every aspect of my life. We find Truth defined in the Universal Model as knowledge of what is, was, and will be. In other words, truth doesn’t change. It is constant and consistent over time. It can be counted on, depended on and can be trusted. That being true, when we know something is true we are under obligation to accept it. “Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8: 31 & 32) It appears from these words that to really know something is true you must live it, experience it, apply it and even share it – not merely accept it.

So what about Science? Can we know what principles of science are true through application, experience, and through experimentation? And, if so, are we required to share those truths? I really hadn’t considered such questions until about a year ago, when I saw with my own eyes, quartz rocks that had been grown in an autoclave in just a few hours (I had always been taught rocks took millions of years to form) and I saw wood that had been petrified in just two days and fossils that were formed in a like amount of time. The quartz, petrified wood, and fossils were in every way similar to those we observe in Nature. So, if we can reproduce what Nature produced and we can do it in just days under the right conditions using a recipe developed through research and experimentation, and anyone else can duplicate his results, am I not under obligation to tell others about this? And what does this mean about theories in science that have been accepted as being true for over a hundred years but are clearly refuted by the quartz, petrified wood and fossils mentioned above? I have never believed that man descended from lower forms of life anyway and wondered how anyone else could, there is no proof.

I want, now, to share with you how you can learn about this new science – go to:, create an account and learn about this New Millennial Science and how it validates the truth of the Bible account of the Creation and Noah’s Flood. Download a free audio copy of the UM Summary book by 1) visiting the UM Store 2) Adding UM Summary Audio to cart 3) Use code: SUMMARYAUDIO. You may also find the short Universal Model videos on YouTube to be instructive as I have, especially the one on Salt and the one on Sand; they will give you a chance to hear from Dean Sessions, the author of the three volume set that comprises the Universal Model. Dean sat down with me for about an hour and he shared how for the past 28 years he has been compelled to search out the truths that he is now sharing and the evidence he has found is amazing. Search it out yourself.

Larry Saunders has a Masters Degree in mathematics and has been a college professor for 39 years.

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