Huge Difference Between Science of Theory vs Science of Observation and Experimentation

Huge Difference Between Science of Theory vs Science of Observation and Experimentation

Huge Difference Between Science of Theory vs Science of Observation and Experimentation

In 2001 I had the privilege of rafting the Upper Salt River in Arizona. It was in February during the snow runoff and the water levels were perfect. I remember it was snowing at the top of Salt River Canyon and raining at the bottom while we put in at the bridge crossing. It was cold, wet and windy and rained the entire first day of our two day trip rafting to Roosevelt Lake. As we reached our camp for that night the rain stopped and we had a cold clear night with a full moon. I set out my sub zero sleeping bag under the open sky with plans to hit the sack right after dinner. I had no idea that it would be well after 3am before I would climb into my frost covered cold sleeping bag to attempt to sleep. During the hours after dinner I found myself consumed in a fascinating conversation about Science with the author of the Universal Model. This was our first meeting.

He began asking me a few fundamental questions about nature. He would point at the moon and ask me what shape it was, the location of its axis, which way it rotated, why there was a constant dark side of the moon, its effect on the earth’s crust, the tides and such. He was very patient, careful to allow me to think and discover the correct questions and right answers for myself into the early morning hours. Despite the long day of rafting, my mind was stimulated and awake as I tried to fall asleep that night.

During the second day on the river, the weather was sunny and pleasant and our conversation continued as he pointed up at canyon walls, or unique rock formations and landmarks we passed on the river. Again, he asked me thought provoking basic questions. Topics ranged from the origin of desert varnish, fossils, erosion, and much more. During this trip I began to see nature with fresh eyes and new understanding that continues to this day. Through the years, I have spent as much time as life allows with the author and the Universal Model project.

By using a standardized method of scientific discovery, I have come to realize the huge difference of science taught from theory, versus science discovered by observation and through experimentation. This method can even lead to the establishment of new natural laws, not just theories, as documented for me by The Universal Model. The Universal Model project has changed the way I see the earth and the universe completely. It is now to me as different as night and day. Life changing; and for me, it all began from that first rafting trip.

John N. Bevell Jr., Guest Ranch Operations Manager & River Guide, USA

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