Its Scope is Truly Outstanding

Its Scope is Truly Outstanding

At some point, the rising generation will regard the message of the Universal Model: A New Millennial Science, as the catalyst for ushering in an age of enlightenment and exploration of the earth, the cosmos and the human body such as has not been experienced for over 200 years, indeed it may be characterized as an explosion of knowledge.

Its scope is truly outstanding, its reach remarkable, and the insights profound. The Universal Model has opened my mind to a new way of thinking about science and the connections between all the branches of study, providing answers, insights, explanations, and revelations I had not anticipated.

My advice, given the perspective of time and experience, is to get a copy, read the questions, conduct the experiments and engage your fellows in one of the most exciting and rewarding intellectual and emotional endeavors of your career. Thank you, Dean Sessions and team, for 27 years of true scholarly research that asks questions few have ever posed and provides answers even fewer have ever known.

-David M. Tuttle, Instructional Science, PhD

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