Life Changing!

Dennis Cox Review

Life Changing!

The Universal Model has brought an outpouring of truth back into the fields of Science. I never would have imagined that Science and Religion would come together as one in my lifetime. I loved Geology in High School but my interest dropped off even after living in Southern Utah my whole life with almost mystical formations everywhere I turn.

Now I am like a little kid fascinated with every variation of the geological landscape. I find myself regularly taking pictures and collecting rocks of the most basic kinds because they now tell a story of a grand Universal Flood. It’s like I have been transported to a new earth, one that has purpose and meaning!

I share the story of this New Millennial Science with everyone that will listen. With my Grandchildren, I enjoy learning the amazing truths of the UM as we sit down and read the book together or take hikes in Nature. A truly transforming experience.

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