Bob Webster, BS
Forester, Public Information Officer, Health Inspector, Author, Ordained Minister

I graduated from college with a frustrated distaste for the evolutionary perspective being included in the sciences. In my private life, I discovered published books by competent scientists, full of scientific verifications of the Biblical account of Creation, and the falsehood of evolution, uniformity and the “missing links” pre-men. The theories were false and the missing links were frauds. Both the Geologic Time Table and the radiogenic formulas for age dating were falsified applications deceiving the sciences worldwide into grossly erroneous ages of the earth and its fossils. Evolution was applied atheism. Summaries of these I compiled into a manuscript, “Creation-VS- Evolution.”

Now, the Universal Model of Science (UM) finally takes the essential step, rescuing us from false theories with verified, replicable scientific procedures of testing, employing actual laws of science, which can and should replace the false formulas and theories still being taught as truth at all levels of education world wide. UM is the salvation of honest science, and provides consistently-replicable verifications according to true laws. The UM’s series of three texts is professionally and attractively presented for use in all levels of education.

UM proofs are simple and understandable to anyone. Earth has never had a molten core, and all of its ores, fuels, fossils, sedimentary rocks, crystals, salt domes, sand dunes and floating continental plates were formed during the historic one-year universal flood. The most common element on earth and in space is water. Life has resulted from intelligent design, not by accidental chemical combinations. All planets and bodies in space exist under consistent laws of order, not random chaos.

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