New Knowledge and Understanding

McLloyd Barney Review

New Knowledge and Understanding

As a young man I had experiences that led me to believe in what I would say are eternal truths. As I continued through my schooling in university and professional schools I was constantly bombarded with the wisdom of the world and the theories of renowned men. So in my life it was a two edged sword: the supposed truths of man contrasted with the eternal truths that I already believed. I wondered if the scientific world would ever come to a knowledge of truths rather than their wholesale acceptance of men’s theories.

In my continual search for truths I was introduced to the Universal Model (a book written by Dean W. Sessions). This book was totally overwhelming, for it not only introduced the truths that I already believed, but it was substantiated by experiments that validate the natural laws that exist. The Universal Model also brought a tremendous amount of new knowledge and understanding of the earth’s formation. As a pilot I marveled, as I flew over the earth, at the mountains, the different formations, the different colors seemingly occurring in the middle of nowhere that covered the earth. I now have an understanding of their formation, which gives me great comfort. I can never look at the earth, mountains, rocks, petrified wood, fossils, or clouds the same anymore.

It is truly comforting to have this knowledge and has brought me great joy, and fulfillment. Dean, I only wish you had published this book ten years sooner.

-McLloyd Barney, Dentist, USA

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