This Science Book is a Seeker’s Heaven!

This Science Book is a Seeker’s Heaven!

This Science Book is a Seeker’s Heaven!

Hello, my name is Pam, and I’m a seeker. Sometimes being a seeker feels like an addiction, a thirst for truth that can never be quenched. In my case, it began as a gut feeling that I was never quite getting the “whole” story. All throughout elementary school, high school, and college, I loved learning about science, but it always seemed like there was supposed to be more to the narrative than we students were being given. So for years I’ve kept on searching. In my search, I found a book, The Universal Model (UM). This book has everything I loved about my science textbooks, and more. Along with beautiful pictures, new words and quotes in colorful text, and lots of interesting topics, the UM also has the rest of the story! The UM teaches why the pseudotheories about geology, evolution, weather, space and time, and many other science topics that I was always taught to accept as truth, are false. The UM replaces those pseudotheories with the true phenomena of Nature.

The introductory chapters teach about the dark age that modern science is in, how it got here, and why it matters that we start teaching the whole truth to our children and to all humankind. The chapters that follow unfold the mysteries of science so that they are no longer mysterious. There are evidences and experiments that I can replicate for myself. This science book is a seeker’s heaven!

If there is one drawback to this book, it’s that in some chapters there seems to be almost too much evidence. However, a wise person told me that the reason some chapters are so long and have so much evidence is because some people are harder to convince of the truth than others!

As human beings, our minds recognize and respond to truth in profound ways. What keeps a lot of us seekers seeking is the heightening of the senses that we experience each time a new truth is recognized and comprehended. Most people describe it as an “aha” moment. There are many “aha” moments in this book, and like any seeker, my desire is to share these truths with anyone who will listen. Finally the force of truth has met up with the force of Nature and my advice is to “drink it up!”

Pamela Bolla, B.S. Central Washington University, USA

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