The Claims are Almost Unbelievable

The Claims are Almost Unbelievable

The Claims are Almost Unbelievable

Participating in the launch of the Universal Model has been life-changing experience. I was introduced to it by a very good friend of mine and this whole journey for me has been incredible. When I was first introduced to the UM, I resolved to approach my study objectively and with an open mind. While I never allowed doubt to stunt my receptiveness, I recognized that the scientific claims the UM makes are very bold (such as the claim that we have been in a scientific dark age for over 100 years) and I hoped the movement would be able to muster sufficient evidence before leaping headlong into the unforgiving jaws of the public and scientific community.

A recent college English professor of mine told me, “We all believe things that aren’t true about things that really matter.” I have approached my study of the Universal Model with this perspective, preparing to potentially have my mind changed by fairly weighing any solid evidence presented. As I’ve read the book, I have discovered many very simple answers to scientific puzzles that make more sense than the contemporary explanations. I have also been pleased to learn that several things I have believed in my mind and heart about science are indeed true, and seem to be empirically proven for the first time. While I have particularly been interested in the physics of light and sound, this book has capitalized on even my smallest interests, especially my lifelong fascinations with water and energy. I have been amazed by how much scientific discovery and evidence has been compiled into a single book. The claims are almost unbelievable, but as a religious man, I’ve approached my study both prayerfully and with a critical mind and I believe that many discoveries in the UM are true and inspired.

I have never loved science so much. Road trips through the mountains and deserts of Arizona, California, and Utah have become thrilling and enlightening. I now marvel at the beauty of “normal” rocks (something that sounds bizarre to many people outside of this paradigm) as I consider the newly demonstrated processes of rock formation. I’m becoming well acquainted with the puzzled looks of strangers as they watch me goggle over joints in rocks and terrestrial formations. My experience with the UM has created a new fascination for science within me and I’ve found myself studying scientific journals regularly and joining every major science news mailing list I could find.

As I mentioned earlier, I have tried to approach my study of the Universal Model with an objective mind, studying the topics from both perspectives and being willing to learn from peers studying the major fields of science. I have spent many hundreds of hours studying both the Universal Model and the claims and evidences of modern scientists. I have spent countless hours in conversation with the author and the UM team discussing the UM discoveries and I have also spent many hours visiting with critics of the UM. In doing so, I have developed a healthy respect for both the Universal Model and modern scientists. While some mistakes in the claims and models of the UM, as well as the tone of the writing in the earlier chapters, will give people reason to abandon an objective study of the book, I really do believe that the team has found many remarkable evidences for the universal flood and many other significant discoveries that can greatly influence the trajectory and speed of future scientific progress.

I believe in truth. I believe that truth is consistent and knowable, testable and observable. I agree that this is a universal model because all people, whether subscribing wholly to science, religion, neither, or both, can benefit from and will likely come to eventually agree with the most important claims, models, and discoveries presented in the UM.

Jacob T. Householder, Student, USA

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