The Universal Model will Rock your world!

The Universal Model will Rock your world!

There are major events or milestones in my life that alter everything. The Universal Model is one of those. After years and years of searching and learning about science on my own, an amazing thing happened. In 2007 I was in the right place at the right time and met Dean Sessions who introduced me to The Universal Model.

The Universal Model is based on asking Fundamental Questions or FQ’s about unsolved mysteries of science. Many questions are about things we are told that have already been solved. The questions are simple yet profound. I was consistently amazed at the vast and detailed information being laid out in such an organized, clear and convincing manner to answer the questions.

The Universal Model will Rock your world!

Finally, many of the questions I had throughout my high school and college geology, chemistry and physics classes had solid verified answers! It was as if a flood light was turned on in a dark room and a fire was lit in my mind.

Once you read sections of The Universal Model you will want to share your discoveries with everyone. You will never look at our world the same. Every time you see scientific information in a book, magazine, documentary, TV series, movie, website or listen to or talk with someone about science your thoughts and words will never be the same. The Universal Model will become a life changing milestone in your life too.

Gregory McIver, Sales Representative, USA

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