Truth Seekers Will Enjoy This Book

Truth Seekers Will Enjoy This Book

When I read this book, I was shocked to discover the historical deceit and outright fraud that has occurred in the scientific community. I have always assumed that scientists’ goals and objectives were to acquire verifiable truth and knowledge through experimentation. Unfortunately, it is obvious that many scientists are more motivated by power, fame, prestige and securing funding to promote their own personal pet projects. The truth has taken a back seat.

Even more shocking is the support the scientific community continues to provide even after it becomes apparent that its position is in opposition to the results of the latest research. It seems scientific groups are more concerned with furthering their own causes than with facts. The most glaring example is the Albert Einstein and Arthur Eddington fraud involving the “theory of relativity.” You would expect, and we have seen this deceitful activity in other dimensions of our culture: business, politics, government, education and marketing; that in the scientific field results would be research-based. In reality, that is not the case. I await with great anticipation the reaction of the scientific community when it’s frauds are exposed.

With the advent of the Internet, it became possible to thoroughly research the new science proposed by the Universal Model. By analyzing all of the available data and performing his own experiments, the author has validated his own work.

If you are a seeker of truth and one who can open his mind to question the validity of previously, well-established theories, you will enjoy this book. If you do not want your scientific boat rocked, you will remain in ignorance of the latest, well-documented research.

Fred J. Ash, BS, MAcc, JD., USA

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