The UM Contains Real, Scientific Answers

The UM Contains Real, Scientific Answers

The UM Contains Real, Scientific Answers

For anyone who is interested in truth, the UM will be an adventure, as it has been for me. This is a book about science, not religion, but it may help you to awaken to a whole new way of looking at how the two work together.

Modern science, as it is taught by those who have been “academically trained and peer reviewed”, as their boast goes, can be confusing, as it deals with theories, rather than in absolute truth, even the possibility of which it rejects. Was there ever such a thing as a universal, worldwide flood, for example? Without proof of the negative, modern science denies such a possibility, but the UM affirms that it really happened, and it not only provides the reader with a plausible cause for the Flood but also with scientific fact after fact which confirms it. We learn not only the exact date of the Flood, but even the time of year in which it likely began!

Like so many others, I have long sought to reconcile the temporal teachings of science, that l was taught in school and afterwards, with my personal, spiritual belief system. I have wanted to know how the cosmos, the earth, and mankind itself REALLY came into existence. If God created my physical body did he start with a bacterium? Is the theory of Darwinism really the answer to who and what I am today? Is everything I see around me really the product of random chance? Or are there alternative, more satisfying explanations? The UM explains how there are. For me, the UM contains the real, scientific answers to the most fundamental questions of existence.

The author of the UM, Dean Sessions, is a remarkable man in every respect. I have never before met anyone who is so well informed across EVERY discipline of science, and not just in a limited specialty. I have known him for nearly 15 years, and every moment that I have spent with him has brought me new scientific insights. He makes his own field trips and performs his own experiments, rather than to simply take for granted as “true” anything that is written in a modern scientific text book. In the 20 year course of writing the UM Dean has identified hundreds of new “natural laws” that have been overlooked or denigrated by the science of academia.

The UM is a long book, but it is well worth the reader’s time and attention if he wants to know how the world he lives in REALLY works!

Frank Johnson, retired Naval Intelligence Analyst, USA

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