The UM Has Opened My Eyes

The UM Has Opened My Eyes

The UM Has Opened My Eyes

I have had the privilege of being around Dean since the inception of the UM. In its early stages, I sat with Dean, listening to him talk about the new discovers he has made. I remember being in awe of his discoveries, such as the origin of salt and “meteorite” craters.

I have always been a rock hound, spending a lot of time outdoors with my head down looking for rocks. The UM has opened my eyes to so many new and exciting perspectives in which to view and where to look for specific kinds of rocks. I could hardly wait to see what new rocks Dean would bring back from the Tucson Rock Show.

I was able to be part of the editing team and had a first-hand look at everything the UM had to offer. But I must admit, I caught myself just being so involved in this entirely new idea I was reading about that I often forgot to edit.

The UM has just become a way of life for me and I view nature with a whole new set of eyes. I think everyone will find something different that they will be excited about, so read the UM and have your eyes opened!!

Nita Caffrey, USA

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