The UM Project Shows Solutions

The UM Project Shows Solutions

The UM Project Shows Solutions

A German physicist and mathematician said regarding the German energy revolution, “250 years ago Europe freed itself from religious mind oppression. About 100 years ago Germany was the Mecca of physics with uncensored thoughts and discussion at the universities. Now we are back to dark ages of an eco-religious opinion and thought regime.”

When I was young I was taught that religion and science don’t have to contradict each other and that there are opinions that are man-made. As an adult I became more and more interested to broaden my scientific horizon and engaged with a lot of documentaries. With time I was convinced that so many scientists can’t be wrong and I started to question if my religious beliefs were wrong altogether, especially regarding evolution. But I was prepared to give creationists a chance to explain from their point.

So I searched at their websites to get sound explanations that were scientifically based. I found statements that were ridiculous but I found also a website that could give profound answers and they asked good questions and I saw evolution in a different perspective, not as an almost fact.

The UM project doesn’t show only the flaws in science, it shows solutions. Some are at the beginning stage of development, some are in the deep research stage. The UM totally turned my world upside down and it took time accepting the evidences they have put together, but with time and further explanations a whole new world was opening up. The UM doesn’t claim to be perfect but they found evidences that ties everything together in Geology, Biology, Physics, etc. This influenced me totally to ask open questions not only about science but many things that politics are trying to sell us, like the green house effect and other programs that I had previously accepted because they would protect the environment, etc. The scientific dark age wasn’t discovered only by the UM but also by other scientists as mentioned in the beginning. So let’s accept our responsibility to ask open questions and avoid to be governed by lobbies.

Markus M. Frenzel, Wholes Salesman, Bavaria, Germany

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