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    Hannah Bergeson

    How does the new Universal Model address Dark Energy and Dark Matter that supposedly makes up most of the Universe?

    Lareme Fessler

    Hannah – I too would like to know what the Universal Model’s specific stance on this is as well. I can deduce what it may be. First, the Universal Model is most interested in observable evidence through experiments using a universal scientific method which they discuss in the first couple of chapters of Volume 1. Can we observe Dark Matter and Dark Energy? I think the way you formulated your question answers that, “supposedly makes up most of the Universe.” Until it is proven through observation or scientific experimentation then it will remain what it is; a theory.

    Volume 3 of the UM, the Universe System, may discuss this in more detail if it is a significant pseudo-theory, a theory taught as fact. I don’t know maybe one of the editors can shed some light on whether it will be discussed in Volume 3.


    In short, the UM does address Dark Energy and Dark Matter in future chapters of Volume III, the Universe System. Go to the following link to see a one-page pdf outlining the chapters in that upcoming volume: https://universalmodel.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/UM-Universe-System-Contents-10.15.16-1.pdf. We are excited to get Volumes II and III out as soon as possible!
    Regarding your second question, UM research has found along with discoveries of modern science that Hydrogen and Helium as individual elements are rare but water as a substance is everywhere. Oxygen by itself is also rare because elements are not created separately as modern science claims.

    Alyn Olson

    Thanks for the above link! I am excited to see what is coming later in the series of books. I just finished the first one online and loved every page of it. Can’t wait for the other 2!!


    Thanks, Alyn! We are glad to hear you appreciated the first volume so much! We also look forward to the release of the next two volumes. Keep an eye out for our newsletters to know when The Living System will be released!

    Steven Montgomery

    Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Holes, mathematical fantasies, an expanding universe, and such are ad hoc patches made on the standard cosmological model. They couldn’t understand why galaxies don’t fly apart and why a galaxies rotational speed is different than what theory says they should be. So they had to create patches to satisfy their theory.

    In reality there are no such things as black holes, dark matter, dark energy and escapes into mathematical fantasies. Instead of a gravity centric universe it is instead electricity centric. Electricity is thousands of times greater than gravity. Birkeland currents, electric arcs, and other explanations of the Electric Universe explain reality much better. In my humble opinion, of course. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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