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    Terrence Wolsey



    here is a side view of old chief and it is very clear where this was blow vents and this is a gigantic hydothermal or hydroaqua vents.
    the entire range show the same patterns of wter vents I can see waterton can cameron lake were made this way and is what remains form the universal flood.
    Would’nt you agree.

    Courtney Snell

    Terry, this looks like a great mountain to go look at and take some closer surveys. From the picture it certainly looks like the original event was hyprethermal. Maybe even more than one diatreme involved. I’m guessing maybe some later seismic events as well due to the boulders from the upper mountain that are down by the green line. Also, where the brown top and green lower parts merge there is a very interesting white spot that is probably not snow due to the time of the year. Would love to see what that is made of. Isn’t it fun to view the unexplained crustal features of the Earth through the lens of the Universal Model?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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