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    Terrence Wolsey

    how did you arrive at the date i seem not to remember where that was explained as to how you arrived at 4361 years ago. ?
    ps here is the link to what i believe is a hugh hydro plug that is a mountain in my back yard???


    Hi Terrence,
    In stating the exact year of the flood, we were actually giving everyone a sneak peak of the information we plan on making available in Volume II. That information is in chapter 14 in The World History Model. It will be on page 17 toward the bottom and will start by talking about a “date of the flood”. The Universal Flood chapter does talk about a celestial body called Sedna on page 496 which may have gravitationally influenced the earth enough to cause a flood approx. 4300 years ago. The exact date of the flood comes from additional research which will be published soon!


    What evidence do you have that Sedna passed by the earth 4300 years ago?


    The Universal Model doesn’t prove that it was Sedna specifically that passed by Earth. It simply uses Sedna as an example to help illustrate a point regarding the mechanism(s) responsible for the flood that did happen 4300 years ago. To be clear, evidences for the year of the flood are given in more detail in Volume II of the Universal Model.

    To find out more regarding what the Universal Model says about Sedna, start reading in Volume I of the Universal Model on page 495 and go through page 496. You can reference note 8.3b for more information as to the research as well in the Notes section of the book.

    Frank Johnson

    I’m glad to see that there is at least a first discussion going on about the Flood. The mathematics of the earth’s mass are interesting, but they are not at the heart of the UM. Chapter 8, the Universal Flood is. I find the arguments for it to be very persuasive. Let’s hear from those who think otherwise. I’d like in particular to hear from some who think it COULD NOT have happened, given the widespread accounts of local floods and the universal evidence of marine fossils on every continent. How does science prove its negative opinion about that?

    Barry, how about taking that one on? Then let’s see how the UM team responds.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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