Universal Model Presentation at UVU

Universal Model Presentation at UVU

By: The UM Team

The UM team is excited to report a very successful weekend at the Firm Foundation Expo at the Utah Valley University UCCU Events Center. The event was held Thursday through Saturday (April 6th-8th 2017). There were 13 UM presenters and 20 presentations given over the three day event. We had great feedback from many of the 7,000 people who attended and were very pleased with several conversations we had with many enthusiastic professionals and scientists.



We learned that in addition to our standard advertising efforts, many people attended our presentations after hearing an announcement about the event in a recent KSL broadcast and after reading some stimulating articles published in the BYU school newspaper and the Salt Lake Tribune.

During the event, author of the Universal Model, Dean W. Sessions, was interviewed once again on a live KTALK radio show and received very positive feedback.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that the hundreds of books sold exceeded our expectations and we look forward to watching the movement grow as hundreds and thousands of printed books begin to flow throughout our communities and across the nation! Several hundred attendees purchased Volume I: The Earth System and the SUMMARY book.


Thanks for your support!

The UM Team

    Posted at 01:45h, 20 September

    I LOVED what I saw at the ” One Cumorah” expo on Friday!
    I also purchased the digital volume II and am anxious to continue reading this volume and understand that volume III is in the works!
    How fascinating this new ” model” is in explaining the puzzles “modern science” has fallen back on for too long!
    Hope this new explanation of the earth systems will replace the traditions/myths that have kept us bound for CENTURIES!

    • UM Team
      Posted at 09:06h, 25 September

      Great to hear you enjoyed the presentations Joseph! Thank you for your feedback.

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