UM Newsletter 5.17.17

UM Newsletter 5.17.17

By: The UM Team

Recent UM Announcement

The UM Team wants to convey a profound sense of appreciation for the work of countless diligent scientists who have helped make our research possible. Click here to read the UM’s statement on how we believe that most scientists display remarkable integrity and are motivated by a sincere desire to elevate society, improve the human condition, protect our beautiful Earth, and save and prolong lives.

“UM Around the World”

Upcoming Events

Williamsburg, VA

Universal Model presenter, Carlton Hall, will be presenting at the LDSHE Expo in Williamsburg, Virginia on May 19th. He will be discussing topics taken from Volume I of the Universal Model. His first presentation is at 12:15 on the topic of “A New Learning Process.” His second presentation is at 2:45 about “Why We Need A ‘New Millennial Science.'” For more information, click here.

Logan, UT

Universal Model presenter, Carlton Hall, will be presenting at the LDSHE Expo in Logan, Utah May 31st – June 2nd. He will discussing topics similar to those at his Williamsburg event. For more information, click here.

Past Events

Mesa, AZ

On May 6th, Universal Model presenter, Allan Wade, preformed hands-on experiments at the American Family Education Fundraiser. This free “family fun” event was a great opportunity for families to learn about the Universal Model and a number of UM products were purchased.

Castle Rock, CO

Another Universal Model presenter, Gary Wright, presented with Carlton Hall at the Douglass County Fairground in Castle Rock, Colorado. This event took place on May 11th and was well received. We look forward to more presentations coming out of Colorado.

Salt Lake City, UT

Last Saturday May 13th, Boyd Tuttle, a UM Affiliate, gave a private presentation to about 80 people on the UM and stated, “A good enthusiastic crowd. Lots of hearts and minds were opened and some were changed.” Tuttle sold a number of UM books and also noted, “One woman came all the way from Georgia (not just for the event) but she brought her son, a Senior in High school, who just last week gave a presentation on the UM in his science class and said it went really well!”

UM in Iceland

We are excited to learn of people around the world who are studying the Universal Model and actively spreading it to those in their own spheres of influence. Ronald Gudnason in Iceland is one such ‘UMer’ and has recently started blogging about his unique perspective of the Universal Model and first-hand observations of the extremely volcanically active environment in which he lives. If you know anybody who speaks Icelandic, send them to this blog! Also, if you use Google Chrome as your reader, you can translate the page to English.

UMer Channel

Another great example of an excited UMer is Lareme Fessler from Arizona, who has created the UMer Channel on Youtube and Facebook. He explains, “This channel is where UMers come to increase their understanding and comprehension about new scientific discoveries and extraordinary claims so that they are better equipped to create awareness and spread the word about the Universal Model.”

Click the links above to watch the videos and learn more about this new educational resource. Make sure to ‘like’ his videos and subscribe to his channel!

Recent Tour in Japan

In the image above, the author, Dean W. Sessions, teaches the ‘New Millennial Science’ from the Universal Model to Japanese publishers during our recent tour in Japan. The UM team was received well by everyone involved on this tour.

UM Products


The SUMMARY books are on a 2-for-1 sale with Free Shipping now for a limited time! This promotion will last 72 hours, ending at 2pm MST May 20th. The SUMMARY book is a great way to share the UM with others! Click here to get your copies!

Sample Pages

The Free UM ‘Sample Pages’ are another great way to share the Universal Model with friends and family. Click here to learn about the 45 downloadable pages, straight from Volume I!
Thanks for your support!

The UM Team

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