Volume I FQs

Questions & Answers

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Volume I Fundamental Questions and Where to Find the Answers


Q1: Is there really magma inside the Earth?

A: p70-76

Q2: If there is no magma, what is the origin of lava?

A: p77-90

Q3: What material forms when most natural rocks are melted?

A: p101-105

Q4: Why does the Earth not have an iron core?

A: p107-108

Q5: Does it actually get hotter the deeper we drill into the Earth?

A: p110-114

Q6: Why is the largest single-mineral rock a geological mystery?

A: p134-137, 595-602

Q7: Why is the origin of common geodes a mystery to geologists?

A: p162, 650-655

Q8: Why has no one ever observed basalt coming from a volcano?

A: p170-171, 567-573

Q9: Why are certain sizes of sediment missing in erosion deposits?

A: p203-205, 528-557

Q10: Why are there missing sediment layers in the Grand Canyon?

A: p219-220, 501-506

Q11: Has science duplicated the natural mineral-making process?

A: p264-69, 543-45

Q12: Why do all natural rocks on the Earth contain water?

A: p257-263

Q13: How common is water on other planets, moons, and the Sun?

A: p236-240

Q14: Does liquid water exist in outer space?

A: p234-236

Q15: Did a meteorite impact actually form the Arizona Meteor Crater?

A: p382-413

Q16: Do most meteorites really come from space?

A: p359-381

Q17: Do modern scientists indirectly acknowledge a Universal Flood?

A: p478-479

Q18: How do we know that oceans covered the entire Earth at one time?

A: p479, 659

Q19: What caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs?

A: p480-482, 654

Q20: What is the origin of the Universal Flood waters?

A: p282-286, 492-499

Q21: What mechanism caused the Universal Flood?

A: p493-499

Q22: What evidence demonstrates the Universal Flood?

A: p528, 546, 574, 595, 686

Q23: What are hydrofountains and what evidence shows they exist today?

A: p506-528

Q24: What evidence shows the Flood’s recent timing?

A: p546-60, 648-49, 665

Q25: What evidence shows most of the Earth’s sediment is Flood based?

A: p528-564

Q26: Can petroleum and coal form in a matter of hours?

A: p610-621

Q27: Are pyrite, ore, geodes, and diamonds, evidence of the Flood?

A: p622-686

Q28: Can we understand weather without knowing its true origin?

A: p700-715

Q29: Why do cumulus clouds form in minutes over dry land?

A: p716-722

Q30: In the last 50 years, have melting glaciers caused sea levels to rise?

A: p780-782

Q31: How can Earth’s magnetic field exist if heat destroys magnetism?

A: p114-7, 739

Q32: What is the true origin of the Earth’s energy (magnetic) field?

A: p740-744

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