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Q1: How do I read the UM?

A: Click here to purchase your copy of the UM. Once you have completed the purchase, go to “Account” and choose “Read the UM.” Alternately, a “Read the UM” link is included at the top right of every page once you have logged in to your UM account. 

Q2: How do I create a shortcut to the UM on my IOS or Android mobile device?

A: The UM can be read on mobile devices with web browsing capabilities and a connection to the internet. Click here for IOS instructions using the Safari browser. Click here for Android instructions using the Chrome browser.

Q3: How many devices can I read on with my UM Account?

A: You can only be logged into one device at a time to read the eUM. For example, let’s say you log into your account on your phone and start reading. If you were also logged into your account on your computer, you would automatically be logged out of your account on the computer. 

Q4: How do I redeem my Friend Share?

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How do I redeem my Friend Share?

Method 1

The easiest way to redeem a Friend Share is to click on the blue coupon button sent via email. If you chose during the checkout process to have the Friend Shares sent to your own email (this is the most common choice), make sure you forward the email to the friend you want to redeem the free read. That friend will then need to click the blue coupon button and fill in their personal information via the free checkout process.

Method 2

A Friend Share can also be redeemed by manually adding the product and discount code to the UM shopping cart. If you would prefer this method, follow the steps listed below.

Click here to open the UM Store in a new tab.

Select “Friend Share” from the list of “Product Categories”.

Click “Select Options” to go to the next page.

Next, click “Choose an option” and select “2 Days”. Once 2 Days is selected, click “Add to Cart”.

On the next page enter your discount code in the box labeled “Coupon code” and then click “Apply Coupon”. Lastly, click “Proceed to Checkout”. This will take you to the checkout page to enter your information and complete the free order for the 2 Day Friend Share.

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