To the UM Newbie

To the UM Newbie

By: Brooke E. McKay

Dear UM Newbie,

Welcome! Here at the UM we love questions. Every new scientific discovery found in the UM began with simple, open-minded questions and it is by asking questions that answers can be found. It has come to our attention that you may have some questions regarding the Universal Model – A New Millennial Science, and how you can learn more. We understand your excitement as something this extensive and revolutionary in science has never before been written so of course you would want to get your hands on every piece of information about the UM that you possibly can.

With so much information available online, such as the UM website, numerous blog posts, reviews, Q&A page, endorsements and video there are many different ways to learn and get your questions answered. The best way to learn is to discover the new information and evidence for yourself by purchasing Volume I on the website. If that wasn’t enough, you can also attend one of the UM’s frequent presentations where you can learn even MORE information and get all your questions answered in person, with top UMers. While you are at the UM presentations you can also meet and talk to many others who are being as objective and thorough in their UM research as you are. Being able to talk to dozens of people who have read the book themselves is such a cool experience! The amount of new, true scientific learning that you can accomplish, now that you are aware of the UM, is astounding! You for sure won’t be a newbie for long!

We know that after you read and learn all of the information about the UM that you possibly can, it will be abundantly clear to you what the purpose and intent of the Universal Model is and why we are so resolved on standing by it. Even with direct physical evidence, the UM will most likely never be able to change the mind of every modern scientist, let alone all of those who believe in their theories. Still, if we can get the general public and curious minded people like you, to start objectively questioning scientists and demanding physical evidence for theories they insist are scientific fact, well then, the truth will soon come forward. True science demands observable, testable, evidence with repeatable experiments or it’s not science. Without this evidence it’s just beliefs and opinions. These beliefs and opinions have lead to false theories being taught as fact, causing modern science to be broken and in a dark age for over the last century. The UM affirms to have the fundamental tools needed to end this dark age and begin a new age of Millennial Science; full of scientific truth, testable evidence, new natural laws and simple repeatable experiments. The Universal Model’s purpose is to restore truth and order in science by removing pseudotheories (false theories being taught as fact) and identifying new natural laws. Natural laws that are simple to understand, test and repeat by the public, not just educated professional scientists. Thus allowing everyone to be able to discover the answers to how Nature really works.

Being opened to an exciting world of new discovery and truth is quite an exhilarating experience! Don’t be alarmed if at first, you find the things you read and learn to be both startling and incredible. We think they are too! It is natural to be skeptical of new information that appears to contradict our experiences and our previous learning. We only ask that you choose to stay open-minded to the idea that Nature, in a lot of ways, works differently than how modern science claims it does. The UM not only gives scientific evidence for this claim, it also answers hundreds of questions about the way Nature really works that up till now, modern science has had to say are still mysteries because they do not understand them. The incredible reaction of excitement and awe that comes when truth in science is seen for oneself, is a reoccurring theme from those who choose to read and learn of the new evidence and discoveries found in the UM for themselves. If you have any more questions that you would like answered, please submit them on the Q&A page on the website and our UM researchers will answer them, though we do not claim to have all the answers. The world is still full of things waiting to be discovered! It is our hope that with the new principles and discoveries found in the UM, others will continue to ask questions and move the world forward towards even more knowledge, wisdom and discovery in Nature. Thank your for your interest in the Universal Model and happy discovering!

To learn why the Universal Model is so important click here

Brooke E. McKay

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About the Author
I Learned to Question Everything With an Open Mind

Brooke McKay is the daughter of the founder of the Universal Model and its foundations in Millennial Science. She resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband and their four young boys. As mother of four boys Brooke has four reasons, other than being involved with the UM, that her house is full of rocks, dirt, bugs and experiments. She has a passion for writing, reading, speaking, teaching and learning; especially when it comes to traveling and exploring the world around her. Her favorite thing about being a part of the UM is seeing others eyes light up when they make connections to truth through asking fundamental questions. She is the co-author of the book Introduction to the Universal Model and a blogger and speaker for

  • Logan M
    Posted at 15:43h, 01 May

    I am nearly 68 years old and what you are doing is like providing water to a very thirsty soul or providing light after much darkness. I wish to encourage you in every possible way to continue this work and I fervently pray that nothing will stop you from accomplishing it.

    I would like to offer what I hope is a helpful suggestion. As I read the contents of the UM, from time to time I come upon some things that I have questions about that I feel need clarification. I would hope that asking these questions may in time help improve the UM. I am therefore proposing that you provide and encourage a formal way of submitting these questions.

    I will give you an example. In the sub-chapter 7.7 you redefine the word “Hydrology” and begin by saying “The study of Earth’s water…”. In a previous paragraph you quote an older definition part of which says “…water on Earth and other planets…”. My question is: Did you purposely limit the definition to Earth’s water? I believe it would be good to clarify this.

    I also wondered if you would like help finding typographical errors.

    • Brooke Mckay
      Posted at 14:55h, 05 May

      Hi Logan,

      We are glad to hear you are enjoying your reading!

      There is a place set up on our forum for you to submit any questions or comments you have reading the Universal Model discoveries. Click here to view the Universal Model forum. Feel free to read the previous forum topics and discussion or start your own.

      If you find any typos, please submit them to and we will make sure to get them fixed for future editions.

      Thank you!

  • floramaepatterson
    Posted at 22:44h, 26 November

    I am very interesred in your explanation of the flood!

    • Dean W. Sessions (Author)
      Posted at 18:14h, 10 July

      Hello Flora,

      We are very interested in sharing with you hundreds of physical evidences that show the Universal Flood took place 4,365 BC in the very year that the world’s history describes it. This is of course rejected by modern science, but the truth does not change and because the Flood was a real event, you can see for yourself in Chapter 8 of Volume I, The Universal Flood Model, all of these scientific evidences we have discussed.

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