New Science Requires New Education

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New Science Requires New Education

By: Jarom W. Sessions

This video, taken from National Geographic’s TV show, Brain Games, is a great representation of how we as humans can easily conform to those around us. We recognize that not everyone falls into this scenario but, it has been shown throughout history that many similar instances have occurred, even on larger scales. For the purposes of learning we will use this clip as an example of society’s tendency of naively following and believing in the scientific establishment. We can see that the woman continued to stand up just as she had been taught by those before her and she then went on to teach those who came after her. This example parallels what is happening within the scientific community and helps us better understand the root cause of the issue.  

First we must start by stating that not all professors and scholars are purposefully trying to deceive us. The majority have fallen into the same trap as many of us – accepting false theories being taught as fact. Now this has been going on for a century or more and has put a large plug on the flow of new scientific discoveries. The professors are receiving their information from scientists and researchers that, for whatever reason, have plainly accepted ideas and theories over actual scientific evidence and fact. Therefor, continuing a cycle of close minded acceptance that has largely influenced the ideas of students around the world. With blind faith they must believe all that they are being taught or be ridiculed and shunned by the scientific establishment.

Now what can we take away from this video? First and foremost, listen to everything with an open mind, looking for truth. We cannot simply follow the crowd and be led into deception. We must search and discover for ourselves what is correct and what is wrong. The Universal Model will remove the plug that has caused this Scientific Dark Age and will flood the Earth with new scientific laws and discoveries illuminating our understanding of the world around us. See subchapter 3.5 for more details concerning how easy it is for us to fall into the trap of conformity with false theories and ideas.

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I hope you have enjoyed my first video and post! I look forward to your comments and questions!

About the Author

Jarom Sessions is a university student studying business management. Being the son of Dean Sessions, author of the Universal Model, has given Jarom a unique perspective of science and truth. In his free time Jarom likes to be outdoors and participates in various sports. Jarom loves meeting new people and enjoys spending time with family, friends, and his fiancé.

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