Cycles of Climate Change Revealed

Cycles of Climate Change Revealed

By: Jarom W. Sessions

Cycles are inherent in behavior. You will find them in animal behavior, human behavior and even our Earth’s behavior. In addition, cycles are inherently predictable. To those who study historical research and current patterns, it is no longer science fiction to be able to correctly foresee many kinds of behaviors and events. Cycles are also inherently revolutionary, and by that I don’t mean radical. They circle back and reappear over and over again because of the constant revolving of our planet and our Universe, it’s the nature of a cycle. Still, there are some who continually refuse to see cycles for what they are, blaming the patterns on imagined catalysts and foretelling different catastrophic future results as a scare tactic when the scientific research proves otherwise. The popular ‘definition’ of insanity, repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, comes to mind.

It is common to hear the opinions of celebrities in the media, or even well-known scientists, speak their opinion on how the climate change evidence is settled and irrefutable. Even politicians such as Al Gore have thrown their opinion into the mix and have stated that the “debate is over”. Should we just trust that the professional scientists’ conclusions are correct? Do all, or even most, scientists believe the climate change debate is over? Global warming alarmists claim that the warming trend is anthropogenic, or caused by humans, while many more scientists disagree. Their disagreement is based off of scientific evidence that simply shows the cooling and warming of our earth are natural cycles, and with the Universal Model we now know the origin of the cycle itself.

See here for evidence of disagreement:

One important part in understanding the mainstream scare of global warming is to research the history of climate change. From the 1940s to the 1970s, the Earth experienced a period of global cooling, which led many investigators to believe the Earth was heading toward the next ‘ice age.’ Global cooling was thought to be man-made just a couple decades ago, now we are expected to rely on the same faulty science to prove global warming is also man-made? Where is the logic? How can modern science conclude that weather changes are man-made, when they themselves do not fully understand the origin of weather and the mechanisms for what actually makes our climate change? The Universal Model is FULL of new experiments and discoveries demonstrating the actual origin of weather, and the facts about climate change, with true scientific evidence.

Carbon dioxide emissions are said, by global warming alarmists, to be one of the leading factors in our Earth’s weather change. Taken from an experiment in Chapter 9 of the UM, the Weather Model, we learn: “There are two main issues with respect to carbon dioxide and global warming. The first is the little-known fact that a rise in air temperature increases CO2 readings. We discovered this over a decade ago while performing ‘weather jar’ experiments. Heating and cooling air in a sealed jar by placing the jar in or out of direct Sunlight caused the CO2 readings in the jar to rise or fall according to the temperature. The amount of CO2 gas in the sealed jar experiment did not change. Therefore, the jar did not experience a “greenhouse effect” because of increased CO2, but rather, as the temperature rose, there was corresponding increase in CO2 readings!”

There is a simple way to know that the recent warming we have been experiencing is not the result of burning fossil fuels. If we were to say that CO2 was the cause of the sudden increases of temperature, the rapid rise must be accompanied by the same equivalent rise in CO2 gas over the same period— but this is not recorded.

One of the many scare tactics that the climate change ‘alarmists’ love to throw across the media is the rise in our sea levels. How accurately have scientists been able to measure sea level changes? They believe that global warming is causing the snow and glaciers to melt thus filling our oceans with enough water to overtake our shores. The two methods they use to measure the rise in sea level (tidal gauges and satellite telemetry) have both been used comparatively and this analysis has been proven to be inaccurate with no significant increase in the rise of the sea level taking place. Why this is the case, along with many more details providing direct evidence for this topic, is given in the Weather Model.

Modern Science understands that weather change is due to high and low pressure systems however, they do not understand where these pressure systems originate and why knowing this is of utmost importance. It is the key in understanding the cause of climate change and the fundamental fact that there is no significant anthropogenic effect on global warming or cooling. This blog is barely scratching the surface when it comes to the amount of evidence and new discoveries contained in the Universal Model about our Earth’s weather and other natural science topics.

Taken from the UM we read, “The global warming theory, like so many other modern science theories, mingles truth with error. Separating the truth can be challenging, but with the Weather Model, we have new tools to help make it easier.” As stewards of our Earth it is our duty to protect and respect it; the future of all living things depends on it. This will require educating current and future generations on the difference between wasteful and productive uses of our natural resources, as well as expecting scientists to be fully transparent with their research and evidence. For the evidence to be scientific, by definition it must be testable and repeatable, allowing others to perform the same research thus allowing it to be unbiased and consistent. As of now, the actual scientific evidence shows that the Earth, including its climate, is driven by cycles. Not by the actions of man.

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About the Author

Jarom Sessions is a university student studying business management. Being the son of Dean Sessions, author of the Universal Model, has given Jarom a unique perspective of science and truth. In his free time Jarom likes to be outdoors and participates in various sports. Jarom loves meeting new people and enjoys spending time with family, friends, and his wife.

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