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How Do I Recognize The Difference Between Truth and Error?

I am excited by truth in every aspect of my life. We find Truth defined in the Universal Model as knowledge of what is, was, and will be. In other words, truth doesn’t change. It is constant and consistent over time. It can be counted… Read more “How Do I Recognize The Difference Between Truth and Error?”

Larry Saunders
Occupation:College Professor

It Answers Questions

By unusual circumstances, the UM fell into my hands, far away from the USA. I study in it every day because it answers questions. I have spent much time in my life studying science and so many times I have thought to myself: ‘Well, I… Read more “It Answers Questions”

Universal Model Reviews
Ronald Gudnason
Occupation:Science teacher and tour guide

The UM Connected the Dots

I was truly astounded with the knowledge and passion behind the UM. The answers in which I received and the confirmation in my heart knowing that this information is going to bless and change the world has overcome me with a conviction and duty to… Read more “The UM Connected the Dots”

Kristen Hicks
Occupation:Mentor, Speaker, Trainer & Alternative Therapist

Opening Endless Doors for Discovery

I feel like it was a gift and blessing when I discovered this amazing work, being done in my own backyard! I am building new system for education and I was invited to come to a local presentation. I remember feeling anxious that this was… Read more “Opening Endless Doors for Discovery”

Kathryn Spencer
Occupation:CEO of American Family Education

A Significant Journey in My Life

After many hours at my computer, I have just finished reading Volume 1 of the Universal Model and it has been a significant journey in my life, I could even say it has been transformative because now I look at the earth differently. Although my… Read more “A Significant Journey in My Life”

Ruth Whidden Yates
Occupation:M.A. M.Ed. Merritt
Country:British Columbia

I Finally Found Satisfying Answers

I have always been fascinated by science and for the search for truth. However, I have often found myself frustrated by the lack of transparency behind scientific research. One study finds a certain result and the next finds the opposite, yet the scientific community never… Read more “I Finally Found Satisfying Answers”

I Finally Found Satisfying Answers
Kaitlyn E Broadbent
Occupation:M.S. Speech Language Pathologist, Mother