Reviews by Professionals

“My father was a high school earth sciences and physics teacher and I pestered him with questions like: Where did rocks and fossils come from?  How did those sandstone layers get all jumbled up?  How does gravity work?  How can mass…” 

Read More – Jae G. Heiner, MEEE, Spacecraft Design Engineer, USA

“I have always been a scientist in the classic sense. A scientist is one who uses the scientific method to observe and explain the world. Such science requires life-long self motivated learning, which is contrary…” 

Read More – Richard E. Durfee Jr., M.A., J.D., Attorney-at-Law, USA

“I have just completed reading the first two of the three systems of the new UM project of Dean Sessions. I am greatly impressed and delighted by what I found. It was like seeing an exciting, powerful new…” 

Read More -Chauncey C. Riddle, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Brigham Young University, USA

Reviews by Professionals

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