Reviews by Educators

“I have always been fascinated by science and for the search for truth.  However, I have often found myself frustrated by the lack of transparency behind scientific research. One study finds a certain…”

Read More – Kaitlyn E. Broadbent, Speech Language Pathologist, USA

“After many hours at my computer, I have just finished reading Volume 1 of the Universal Model and it has been a significant journey in my life, I could even say it has been transformative because now…” 

Read More – Ruth Whidden Yates, M.A. M.Ed. Merritt, British Columbia

“I was truly astounded with the knowledge and passion behind the UM. The answers in which I received and the confirmation in my heart knowing that this information is going to bless and change the world has overcome me with a conviction and duty to share this knowledge…” 

Read More – Kristen Hicks,Mentor, Speaker, Trainer & Alternative Therapeutic Healing Advocate, USA

“I feel like it was a gift and blessing when I discovered this amazing work, being done in my own backyard! I am building new system for education and I was invited to come to a local presentation. I remember feeling…” 

Read More -Kathryn Spencer, Founder and CEO of American Family Education, USA

“I look forward to these three volumes of the Universal Model changing the history of all the Sciences. I just finished Volume I, The Earth System and it is well organized with pictures and quotes from research…” 

Read More – Alyn Olson, Mother, truthseeker, and homeschooler of 13 children, USA

Educator Reviews

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