Reviews by Students

“Participating in the latter stages of the creation and launch of the Universal Model has quickly changed my life. I was introduced to it by a very good friend of mine and this whole journey…”

Read More – Jacob T. Householder, Student, USA

“The Universal Model is a marvelous thing.  When all is said and done, the UM will make it into the books as one of the strangest events that has ever happened in recorded history.  Imagine with me, millions…” 

Read More – Carter J. Brown, Student, USA

“In my science class all of the students were asked to pick a theory of how the universe came about. We were also asked to answer a question about our topic. I was having a slight struggle finding a topic….” 

Read More – Britney Barlow, Student, USA

“It’s been great! I am keeping one set for my family and I have given two out to my co-workers at my job. There are a lot that I wish to give. I just finished chapter seven and I’m now reading about the Universal Flood Model…” 

Read More – Jared Arp, Student, USA

Student Reviews

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