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“When I was young I was full of questions, or so said my Dad. I’ve discovered over the years that real answers are hard to come by, especially when it comes to science. In fact, I steered away…” 

Read More – Courtney Snell, Financial Services, USA

“Why do we teach and study science? For most of us, we expect science to be the gathering of observations and experimentation to help us better understand our world’s past, present, and future; develop problem-solving technology, learn how…”

Read More – Larry D. Farris, Investment Fund Manager, USA

“Reading the UM has been extremely interesting to me.Reading the earth system chapters, in particular, reminded me of taking a peek at these topics from heaven’s point of view…”

Read More – Wade C. Kohlhase, real estate owner and investor, USA

“Even before its publication the UM has been changing lives. I have had the privilege to see this first hand as well as be taught the UM principles, evidences and natural laws throughout…”

Read More – Brooke E McKay, real estate agent and mother, USA

“My view of the world around me has totally changed.  As a young boy I loved science.  It was my favorite subject.  I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up.  As I got older and I was taught more…”

Read More – Lareme Fessler, Licensed Agent, Property & Casualty Insurance, USA

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